Look closely at those pictures. They are all Cubans. Those who attacked them are too. But the dictatorship throws them against their brothers while a few enjoy ample privileges.

The victims cannot go to independent courts to denounce the aggressions of which they are subject. This situation is immoral and intolerable. Their denunciations deserve to be investigated in an impartial way to confirm their veracity, but in Cuba they cannot expect that act of justice.

Peaceful citizen protest is a right. Violence against those who exercise it is not.
Those who comply with superior orders attack human beings who are only defending the right to express their opinion. This can incur into a criminal act for which they can be prosecuted many decades after the occurrence of the event. This was the legal principle established since the Nuremberg trials that allowed the henchmen of Latin American dictatorships to be identified, captured and sentenced when they were already believed to be safe.
The criminal orders of the chief do not embody the mandate of the Fatherland as the corrupt caste that today has the power makes everyone believe. That is an «undue» obedience. Embarking personal honor and assuming responsibility for performing immoral orders at the service of privileged ones is not only criminal, but stupid. Collaborating with torture is an international crime that violates conventions and treaties of which Cuba is a signatory.

Definition of torture by the United Nations (Article 1 of the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment):
«For the purposes of this Convention, the term ‘torture’ shall mean any act by which a person is intentionally inflicted with pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, in order to obtain from him or a third person Information or confession, to punish him for an act he has committed, or is suspected to have committed, or to intimidate or coerce that person or others, or for any reason based on any type of discrimination, when such pain or suffering is inflicted By a public official or other person in the exercise of public functions, at his instigation, or with his consent or acquiescence. «