Cuban citizens and of other nationalities that collaborate to stop the state violence against the exercise of citizens’ rights in the island.
This project, sponsored by the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FDHC | FHRC), has the cooperation of relevant organizations of Cuban civil society as well as other countries. It is developed in partnership with the Repression ID project promoted by a group of distinguished Cuban-American lawyers. Also collaborating with this project is the Cuba Archive and the Cuban Historical Memory Institute Against Totalitarianism.
To stop political violence and thus help facilitate coexistence in the future Cuba
To identify, investigate and collect information on militaries (MININT / MINFAR) or paramilitaries(Rapid Action Brigades) that exert violent political repression against citizens.
To educate in the legal, nontransferable and eternal responsibility, that is assumed personally when fulfilling criminal orders of heads or superior instances.
Put an end to the obedience demanded by the privileged, demagogic and immoral who today order to repress with violence the economic and political initiatives of citizens.
Contribute to the peaceful change of the dictatorship so that Cubans can restore coexistence and promote general prosperity with freedom, democracy and human rights.

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